Once upon a time there was a girl she hated everything about herself until she met a boy who made her feel alive for a little until he got tired of her so he beat her and she let him because she loved him and he loved her and she deserved it I mean why did she let the chicken burn, why did she forget to pack his lunch. One day she meets a man who puts a smile on her face and makes her feel ┬ásomething the boy never made her feel. She falls in love and so does the man but it’s too late because one night the boy is drunk and beats her to death. The man goes to the hospital and tells her to hang on and keep living for him but she dies and he doesn’t live happily ever after.

First Blog Post 11-17-16

I run outside while he screams, “Caroline come back let me explain!” I keep running to my car thinking I hope I never see his face again. I start the car and get the hell of this town I once called home.